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What is Startups.Observer?

Investors and corporates are generally well versed in the regional start-up scene and know which of these startups are of interest to them. At the moment, however, they lack an efficient way to quickly and reliably carry out a first screening as well as to find and screen interesting startups outside this region. Most of their assessments are based on the startups’ websites – with moderate success. Potentially interesting start-ups are therefore often left behind in the initial screening process due to these shortcomings.

With Startups. observer you get the possibility to provide potential investors with structured data about your product and your company. This gives you the perfect opportunity to provide investors with your pitch deck, information on founders, financing and the most important business development indicators. And even if the first contact doesn’t work, you can stay on the watchlist of investors and corporate groups via Startups.Observer. Investors and corporates will be automatically informed about your updates. If you change your data everyone who has you on their watchlist will be notified.

  • Secure – Investors can access your data if you allow it.

  • Immediate – The dashboard shows you how much interest there is in your start-up.

  • Effective – Investors on our platform will be notified when your start-up fits into their portfolio.

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Startups.Observer is currently in the test phase and will be open for the first startups in the next few weeks.

Be one of the first start-ups to be given the opportunity to present yourself to investors and corporates.

» The only way to screen a start-up is through their website… unfortunately. «

– every VC scout you will encounter

» It’s like dating for startups «

– An entrepreneur

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